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How to use a wheelchair

1, the ground to push the wheelchair

Push the wheelchair on the flat ground, hips sit, the body to maintain balance, head up, forward. Arms back, elbow slightly bent, hands round ring back, arms forward, elbow extension. When the body slightly forward, repeated, because the body produce forward momentum makes the arm strength enhancement

2, the wheelchair on the ground back

His arms in the round to bypass the back between elbow extension set to manual hands, leaned back, down the shoulders, the arms can with enough strength to push back the wheel, can not be wheelchair up the ramp, can use this method to make the wheelchair down the slope, Zhi Yujian hemiplegic patients measured coordinated movement to push the wheelchair.

Push the wheelchair 3, on a slope

Uphill: leaned forward, hands are respectively arranged at the top after manual, wrist joint, shoulder joint flexion and adduction forward wheel, wheel direction by converting to ramp intersection can make Wheelchair Based on the slope.

Downhill: stretch the head and shoulders, and apply the brake, can put their hands into the front wheels or in the maintenance of wrist dorsiflexion when a top braking in manual ring below.

4, the direction of conversion of wheelchair

To turn to the left as an example: left hand on the manual rear, left arm slightly to the lateral rotation, thus the body weight is transferred to the inner side of the wheel by hand, with his left hand on the right side of the wheel to rotate backwards, while the right hand in normal position will be on the right side of the wheel to the front


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